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Water Crane & Fire Devil


After loading, open wagons were checked for height using this simple gauge to ensure that loads did not hit bridges etc. and therefore were usually placed near the yard exit. Supplied with pre-coloured parts although painting and/or weathering can add...

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Water Tower


A fairly universal design seen at many steam loco depots. The kit includes water gauge, water crane, fire buckets and lamp. Use the Ratio 413 Water Crane and Fire Devil kit if further cranes are required. Supplied with pre-coloured parts although...

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Provender (Goods) Store


The Southern Railway used these concrete sheds for storage of goods and animal feed. The characteristic short concrete piles raise the floor above ground level to keep out the damp and rodents. Glue and paints required to complete model. Footprint: 90mm...

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Water Tower, GW Pillar (conical or flat top)


Water towers with cranes were generally used on platforms and in other areas with restricted space. This kit will build either a tower with a flat top or the familiar GWR conical type. Includes stove, water crane etc. as well as etched brass chain and...

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Retaining Walls (350mm long)


Often seen supporting railway cuttings and embankments in urban areas...

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