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Jib Crane With Trolley


Jib Crane With Trolley

Slewing crane with double-T girder as jib and 360° rotation.
Movable trolley with motor (replica), hauling rope and hook. Kit.

Length of jib: 44 mm
Height of crane: 47 mm

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4 Rain Barrels


4 Rain Barrels

Kit for assembling 4 rain barrels made of genuine wood.
They can be used for scenes in the garden, industrial plants, craft workshops, building yards etc.
With realistic water surface and covers that can be placed in open or closed position.

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Burnt Log Cabin


Burnt Log Cabin

Kit for a log cabin destroyed by fire with charred trusses (genuine wood).
With an open fireplace in the interior and debris from broken roof tiles and glass panes scattered all over.

Set includes

7 charred tree trunks each 40 mm...

Gauge - OO/HO
Height - 45mm
Length - 111mm
Width - 85mm

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12 Green Watering Cans


12 Green Watering Cans

12 Green Watering Cans.

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